IDS Interior Design Show 2015 - Open Studio Concept

Kalu Interiors was invited to be 1 of 10 design firms working within a 10'x10' footprint to showcase their take on an Office Space environment.  

Firstly, we knew that we wanted to take apart the idea of a traditional office space and create a fresh and fun spin on it.  After some thought we decided that what could be better than creating an environment that made you feel like you were outdoors!  It is what every Vancouverite could ever want & need to help them recharge on those never ending rainy days.  Gone was the brick and mortar and in it's place was a beautifully lush green moss wall.  The bright sunshine yellow not only helped create movement within the space but made just enough of a statement to keep any office workers mind engaged.  

Our goal was create a space where innovation and creativity could flourish and thankfully our audience agreed.  We were truly honoured to win the People's Choice Award for our feature.